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Our Services

Early Grade Learning

Our crèche provides professional care for children ages 6 months to below 3 years. We provide the basic daycare for those below 18months and pre-school training for those 18 months and above.

Our care-givers are godly, well trained, and professional in their care of the children entrusted to them. We are conscious of the fact that learning begins from birth. Thus we strive to provide safe, caring, and stimulating environment and experiences to motivate and inspire the cognitive, social, and spiritual development of your children.

Nursery School:
Our nursery school program aims at supporting the psychomotor, social, emotional, linguistic, cognitive, and spiritual development of children ages 3–5 to facilitate their social and educational adjustment and thereby prepare them for primary education.

Our teachers offer hands-on creative learning experiences to enhance self-motivation and confidence, encourage cooperation, stimulate curiosity, and develop a life-long love for learning. At this stage the rudiments of the English language, Creative Arts, Numeracy, Health Habits, Civic Education, and the Christian faith are introduced in a developmental fashion from Nursery 1 to Nursery 3.

Primary Education

Primary School:
Our primary school education model consists of a firm foundation for helping children acquire literacy, numeracy, and communication skills. It also aims to stimulate them towards creativity, critical thinking, logical judgment, love for learning and work, use of technology, and appreciation of the natural environment. It provides the enabling environment for developing self-awareness and self-discipline, healthy social relations with people of diverse backgrounds, moral values, patriotism, and spiritual growth.

Secondary Education

Secondary School:
Building on the foundation of primary education, our secondary school education facilitates learning in the sciences, technology, the arts, and mathematics as an enduring pedestal for further education and training. It aims to help students nurture their inquisitive and creative instincts, think critically, and make rational judgments.

Students are oriented towards building up their knowledge base and skills repertoire as well as cultivating attitudes and motivations necessary for self and career development, impactful service to society, and national development. They are also guided towards espousing sound moral values, life-long commitment to Christian discipleship, and leadership development so they will grow to be competent in their chosen career paths, spiritually mature, and socially well-adjusted and responsible citizens.

School feeding Services

We understand that our students are in their growing years, hence their need for a well-balanced diet. At the same time we are aware that young people eat food that is tasty not just healthy. Consequently, we ensure our menu is rich in the nutrients and micro-nutrients that make for healthy living, and our food is cooked to have an inviting aroma, be visually appealing, tastefully enjoyable, and in sufficient quantities.

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